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Texture Services

A plain outdated look is just boring and does not appeal to your guests, nor does it feel very welcoming when you choose to sell your home. This process can be done whether your house is empty or fully occupied. Rest assured that care will be taken in protecting all surfaces that are not involved in this process. There are a variety of textures to choose from, so inquire about your needs and we can discuss what might be best for you.

Popcorn Texture

Small, medium, or large Styrofoam particles are mixed into a texture compound and are blown through a spray gun with pressurized air. The effect is very similar to the look of cottage cheese. While this texture is not used very much anymore, it does have some great qualities. It hides poorly finished and damaged surfaces and it is good for its acoustical barrier.

The negative qualities are that water leaks from above can cause it to fall right off the ceiling and cause ugly stains as well. This finish is usually fairly easy to remove and it is a messy process, but once removed, you will have a clean slate to upgrade your finish with. NOTE: the use of asbestos products in this process was eliminated in 1977. If you are in doubt, you can always have a sample analyzed. Regardless, proper breathing devices should be used when removing this texture.

California or Knockdown Texture (ceiling and wall)

Random sizes of joint or wall texture are sprayed to the surface. Later while still wet, a large blade is lightly drawn across the compound causing this effect. This finish is similar to craters or a moon-like surface. It has been the most popular ceiling finish for years here in South West Florida, as well as many other areas.

Orange Peel Texture (walls)

From a very light to large spatter effect is achieved by spraying a thinned joint or texture compound to the walls. Small bumps created give the effect of an orange peel.

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