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Pool Deck and Pavers (driveway, sidewalks)

Concrete stains can be used and are available in any color. They look just like a paint but are recommended for areas that will be walked on or driven on.

Clear Coats/ Sealers

These products help preserve the floor by creating a barrier from UV rays and tire marks.

Garage Floors

Acrylic latex stains and paints can be used on your garage floor, but a clear coat is recommended to protect against tire marks and leaks from the vehicles.
Epoxy paints are used on garage floors but not on exterior surfaces and they do not need a clear coat for the extra protection. Any color of your choice can be used. Decorating flakes can be used to offer a less slippery surface, and they give an interesting design to your floor. They are scattered on the floor much like sowing grass seed and must be applied while the paint is still wet.

Anti-Skid Paint Additives

This material is not sand, but a lightweight material that is added directly to the paint. It offers a slight texture which provides a grip effect and is used for steps, garage floors, pool decks, driving and walkways.

Wood Decking

Stains and wood preservatives can be used to provide color and protection to these surfaces.

Concrete Driveways and Sidewalks

Just as with pavers, a variety colors can be used, but to keep the natural look of the concrete, the area can be washed and a sealed to match the original color. There are sealers that are actually colored. This is very useful in areas where oil spills, rust, and other chemicals and stains have occurred.

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