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A clear sealer provides UV protection to the paint finish, and resists tire marks and chemical spills.   Choosing the right colors adds curb appeal to your home.
This is preparation and work in progress for a living room remodeling and ceiling restoration.   This was the first job for PSI in 2004, a beautiful restaurant on St. Armand's circle.
We'll go to any length, or any height in this case, to cover every detail.   Heavy rains allowed a roof leak to bring down half of this ceiling.

• Damaged materials removed and roof leak repaired.
• New insulation installed.
• Ceiling replaced.
• A trowel finish is applied.
A pseudo terrazzo look on a garage floor   No need to find a picture to hang over this hole in wall. A patch is made, filled in, re-textured, and is ready to paint
Even the worst situations can be repaired

• Concrete and flexible patching compounds are used to restore damages areas
• A primer/sealer is applied, followed by two coats of a high quality paint
  A bathroom linen closet is removed to create a more open feeling

• All the necessary patching work is done
• The ceiling and wall textures are each matched to blend in with the existing finishes
This house is having a Hardy board siding installed by a contractor

• All the siding is in place and ready for the painter
• A thorough job of caulking all the gaps on corners and around windows and doors complete preparation
• A primer/ sealer is applied, followed by two coats of a durable paint complete the job, and the landscaping can begin

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