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Exterior Painting


PSI Painting is the only area painting and restoration firm with a Certified Color Specialist on staff. Our color specialist will meet with you to discuss the array of options for inside and outside of your home. Choosing an exterior color means observing the environment, foliage, the neighborhood, the style of your home, and other factors. We will prepare a custom color book for you to ponder an array of beautiful options.

Exterior Surfaces

Clapboard, Stucco, Brick, Shingles. Chances are your home's exterior is comprised of at least one of these surfaces and each requires its own distinct preparation process. PSI Painting understands the subtleties of preparing any exterior surface to ensure seamless, maximum paint adhesion, and longest possible paint life. As a result, our trained craftsmen recognize these distinctions and boast years of experience preparing all types of exterior surfaces according to our unique specifications.


Once the exterior surface meets our strict preparation standards, a coat of primer is applied. Primer penetrates and seals the exterior surface to create a uniform substrate, and allows for seamless final paint coats. Our painters then apply the final coat(s)of paint (as determined by our estimators) to the surface area to provide protection, color, and sheen.


Flat A durable paint with a flat, non-glossy matte finish with excellent hiding capability

Low Luster An exceptionally durable, low luster paint with very good hiding capability and superb color retention.

Soft/Medium Gloss Exceptionally durable, soft gloss paint with good hiding capability and color retention.

High Gloss A protective finish that provides a smooth, high gloss sheen. High gloss exhibits excellent leveling and moderate hiding capability.

Deck & Siding Stains Durable and protective stains that seal wooden decks and shingles. Stains are available in clear or transparent finishes and are also available in a variety of colors.

Solid or Semi Solid stains are used to mask the grain and color of the wood without changing the texture.

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